Fix My Life

A self-directed project to explore and highlight life’s complexity as well as to critique modern society’s obsession with convenience and simplicity.

—packaging design
—art direction

Ease and convenience. Quick fixes. Everything you want and need, and quickly. Welcome to the promise of modern life.

The “Fix My Life” pill offers relief from suppressed feelings. Curing symptoms of fear of abandonment, rejection and failure, the pill’s active ingredients of self-awareness and self-compassion allow you not only to face your fears head-on but to be rid of them for good. No more lousy baggage getting in the way of you living your best life.

Surrealist imagery and graphics are used to reinforce themes of the subconscious and the deep psychological narratives we all struggle with.

A subdued and limited colour palette, with powder blue the dominating colour, was chosen to express the melancholic nature of struggling with inner demons.